JULY 6-8, 2014


Organized by 

“ The American Society for Cell Biology- International Affairs Committee”  


“Maltepe University”

Diabetes has become an epidemic that kills millions worldwide. Diabetic patients can suffer from crippling complications, ranging from kidney failure to blindness that create economic burden and pressure on the healthcare system. This problem is projected to increase with the increasing obesity in world population.  Importantly, diabetes has been shown to associate with different types of human cancers, and is considered to be both a risk factor and a symptom of pancreatic cancer.

The Workshop will:

  • Bring together leading experts from medicine and academia, to discuss the emerging area of research on the link between diabetes and cancer
  • Discuss mechanisms of disease development, identification of novel therapeutic targets, and relevant insights that will help the participants advance their own research.
  • Facilitate opportunities for networking and collaborations
  • Present funding mechanisms for training and sabbaticals abroad
  •  Showcase the latest technology in research tools, including microscopy, laser capture microdisection for isolating cells and state-of-the-art research facilities.

Several biotech companies will demonstrate the latest in modern cell biological research tools

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