City Guide

Istanbul Welcomes You!


Located between the two continents, Asia and Europe, Istanbul is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. The city is of its own kind regarding the perfect combination of western civilization with a traditional eastern elegancy and attitude. Every corner of this city reflects the past cultures all the way to Roman Empire. This ancient breeze creates a perfect contrast with the modern way of life and brings out an exceptional colorful city.



History and Sightseeing

This unique city has been the seat of three great empires, the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman, and a site of convergence for people of many cultures and beliefs. Modern amenities, the splendors of the Ottoman past and the honored traditions of Turkish hospitality combine to make Istanbul a perfect meeting point, one that will leave with treasured and lasting memories. Most of the historic memories are easily observed throughout the city. Many are exhibited in different museums most of which are former palaces of the Ottoman Empire. Bosphorus Strait divides the city into Asian and European districts. The fabulous Bosphorus Bridge connects two sides. World famous Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque), Hagia Sofia, Topkapi Palace and Dolmabahce Palace should be in the must see list.


Sightseeing tours with guides are available throughout the year, however individual visits are also easy to achieve.  The city is especially attractive in spring and summer when it is fantastic to take a boat tour along Bosphorus or enjoy a visit to Princess’ Islands.  



In Istanbul it is always fun to shop since there are thousands of alternatives and the prices are so reasonable. Shopping can be carried on in the streets or in numerous shopping malls. Those who are interested in cultural and traditional items should definitely see the Grand Bazaar. The Egyptian Bazaar is also a grotesque place especially if you like spices. Don’t forget to take your cameras, otherwise you can miss the exotic view of these ancient bazaars!


Dining out

Although most of the world cuisine is easily accessible, it is highly recommended to taste the Turkish food. Being one of the richest kitchens in the world thousands of choices are present. Of course kebabs and desserts are the most delicious and favorable of them. Food can be reached in every corner of the city at almost all times. Italian, Mexican and far-east cuisines are also included in most menus. Turkish coffee is the perfect termination of a good meal.



Night Life

A city that never sleeps! 



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